If you home is located in a region where hurricanes are known to strike, your insurance company may require that you assume a greater percentage of a loss associated with that loss potential. These deductibles maybe a fixed amount but are more commonly a percentage of the home’s coverage limit. A home with a replacement cost limit of $300,000 with 2% hurricane deductible would have to absorb the first $6,000 of a loss due to the hurricane. When a hurricane passes through, it will tear off a few roof shingles or it may destroy a home. Your policy requires the insurance company to repair or replace to the pre-loss condition—if all shingles matched before, the must when repaired as well. Replacing the damaged shingle will cost well under your deductible but the patch may not match exactly so people commonly will look to have the insurance company pay to replace their whole roof; the high deductible offers a financial incentive for consumers to go with the repair rather than replacing the whole roof.