At Charland Insurance, we genuinely care about our insureds, our employees and the wonderful community we are part of. Without their support, we wouldn’t be here, striving to serve and give back. This is why we wanted to share with you a bit more about the causes we support in our community.

As an agency, we donate our time and resources to these non-profit organizations:

North Scituate Fire Department      

 Gloria Gemma Foundation  

  Scituate Youth Soccer Association

St. Joseph’s Church 

North Scituate Elementary PTO


The North Scituate Fire Department is entirely volunteer with a roster of 35 members protecting about 5,000 of town’s 10,000 residents. Dennis had been part of the department for decades, even serving as Chief. The training and expertise of all the volunteers speaks volume to their love of this community. Whether answering emergency calls, going into our elementary school to teach the kids about fire safety, or serving up fish and chips during Lent, the commitment and dedication of the North Scituate Fire Department marks them all as heroes amoung us.



As part of our commitment to support our community we support the Gloria Gemma Foundation because breast cancer has touched each of us here at Charland Insurance in a very personal way. The Gloria Gemma Foundation “helps all people affected by breast cancer, patients, survivors, family members and friends, by providing free support, education and wellness services to enhance the quality of life by helping to ease their physical, emotional and spiritual pain. They continuously inspire hope, faith, strength, courage and determination in our community.”  And we send a big “Thank you!!” out to Maria, Bryan, Carol, Maureen, Mandy, Tel, Jane, and her husband Vinnie at the foundation.