Frequently Asked Questions

How can I lower my insurance costs?

  The best way to save on your insurance costs is to design a program that reflects your needs. Whether you’ve had losses or not, examining benefits of larger deductibles and taking advantage of all available discounts can dramatically affect your insurance...
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What does the RI law mean when it requires that I have 25/50/25 for insurance limits?

  This law is designed to protect all of the other drivers on the road from the harm that your could cause them. When you cause an accident there is commonly bodily injury to one or more occupants of the vehicle you struck and damage to their vehicle. These...
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Should I purchase higher auto insurance limits?

  Bodily Injury Liability limits are generally sold at limits of 25/50, or 50/100, or 100/300, or 250/500. (Abbreviated to 25/50 instead of 25,000/50,000)  There is no crystal ball predicting if you will ever need your auto liability insurance. You buy insurance...
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What happens if the damage or injuries exceed the amount of my auto coverage limits?

  Whether from an auto accident or from someone’s injury at your home, if your liability insurance limits are inadequate to pay the damages you cause, you are usually held personally responsible for the remaining damages. You can’t declare personal bankruptcy...
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What happens to me if someone hits my car and does not have insurance, or has inadequate limits, to cover my damages?

  Your insurance policy should include coverage for Uninsured and Under-Insured coverage for both bodily injury and property damage. The Uninsured Bodily Injury limits are usually equal to you Bodily Injury Liability limits. This coverage is designed to protect...
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When do I need to add my son or daughter as a newly licensed driver to my auto policy?

  Your insurance policy requires that all licensed drivers in your household be listed on your policy—whether regular operators or not. Once the youthful operator is licensed, they must be added to your policy. If a loss occurs with them not on the policy,...
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Can I take my son/daughter off the auto policy while away at school or college?

  For most insurance companies, a student that is going to school more than 100 miles from home, can have their coverage suspended while away at school. When doing so, you are responsible to make sure they are added back on after they return. Under that 100 mile...
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Does my Homeowner policy cover me for every kind of damage it could experience?

  Some would call this an “All Risk” policy, and while close, there really are no companies offering a true “all Risk” policy. The common Homeowner policy covers losses caused by smoke, fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot and civil commotion,...
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What are some examples of losses not covered by a Homeowner policy?

  Common exclusions include flooding, earthquake, nuclear accidents, war, intentional damage, normal wear and tear, and damage by insects, rodents and vermin.
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What is a deductible and how does it work?

  Knowing that small losses are more frequent than a major loss, insurance companies adjust your premium based on the amount of “risk” you chose to assume; this is known as your deductible. In return for you agreeing to absorb any loss under the deductible...
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What is a Hurricane Deductible?

  If you home is located in a region where hurricanes are known to strike, your insurance company may require that you assume a greater percentage of a loss associated with that loss potential. These deductibles maybe a fixed amount but are more commonly a...
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